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Passage 1 (practice passage)


The cost of food is going up. Last year a pint of milk cost 60p and twelve months later it costs 70p. Fruit and vegetables are also becoming more expensive.

Passage 2


Some people say that young people are less likely to do sports these days.  They say that the use of computers, smart phones, social networking, game consoles, television and stereos has made young people sit around a lot more.

Passage 3


Martha Krieg at the Centre for Psycho-Social Studies has analysed the data and cross-referenced them against where the children lived as an indicator of socio-economic status.  She concludes that it is not literacy skills that are the key issue, but economic status.

Passage 4


Not since the political theory of post-emancipationism, has the academic world been so avidly discussing a new social discourse that claims to encompass an holistic approach to social construction.

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